Friday, September 25, 2015

What Is Reiki Masters Training?

I remember the weekend that I completed my Reiki 1 course. It was nearly 20 years ago but I remember it very clearly.

I didn't have a clue about what Reiki was, or what would happen on the course. I had recently finished my Reflexology training and had read about Reiki in the course of my research, but only briefly. I got it in my head that it was the next thing I'd study - but I didn't know why. Then a friend told me that her friend had just done her Reiki Masters training, she was going to start running courses, and would I like to come along?

Well, you know when a certain subject keeps popping up, or drifting in to your life, and then suddenly an opportunity like that presents itself? Is it fate? Serendipity? Co-incidence?

My Reiki 1 Experience - In Brief

I was working in London anyway, so stayed for the weekend at a friend's flat where we also did the Reiki course.

It was like nothing I'd ever done before, but just like so much I'd already done. It felt quite natural, it was new, yet I recognised it. I couldn't explain it... I just had to accept that I was meant to be learning this now.

It is important to remember the start of my Reiki journey because when I teach I have such a wide range of people come along. They often know nothing of Reiki, don't know what to expect, and aren't even sure why they are there! (That was me on my Reiki 1 Course.)

Others have received Reiki treatments (it's far more widely known about now than it was then) and want to learn it for themselves, or have done a bit of research and have an idea of what it's all about.

But ALL of them go away from that course a changed person. As did I.

The meditations that we did were profound as well as deeply relaxing. The healing treatments were even more so.

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