Friday, September 25, 2015

I Truly Believe That Reiki Has Helped To Shape My Life

Three major things happened on that Reiki weekend. All very different, and all highly significant.

Firstly I met one of my spirit guides for the first time. I had such a clear image of him that I was shocked and in awe. It was so real! I had worked on my psychic and spiritual journey for some years already but never seen any spirit guide. Alongside this my meditations became highly visual, rather than imagining a guided visualisation as I had in the past, now my mind's eye was seeing all sorts.

Secondly, I discovered a place where I no longer worried. The meditations and Reiki treatments helped me to find a place where I really could zone out. I could be peaceful and feel at one with myself and the universe more than ever before.

And finally, I realised that I needed to be a teacher. I needed to pass on my love for this wonderful energy and show others how to connect with it.

I truly believe that learning Reiki has helped to shape my life.

Reiki Isn't A Cure-All, But It's The Best Place To Start... For Anything

Learning Reiki is the one thing that is perfect for anyone, no matter what your goal.

Want to feel more confident and empowered?
Want to get your head round your life path and get clear on where you're heading?
Want to feel more in control of your own health and well-being?
Want to feel more relaxed?
Want to connect with your intuition?
Want to develop your spiritual side?
Want to develop your psychic side?
Want to be an energy worker or healer?
Want to improve... well, just about any aspect of your life?
My biggest tip would be to Learn Reiki.

Learn Reiki for you. Not so that you can give healing, not so that you can teach others, not so that you can earn money, but for you.

Learn Reiki for your own personal development, for your own spiritual growth, for your own peace of mind and for your own inner confidence.

I don't believe Reiki was always about healing, although in my opinion it is an excellent healing energy system. I believe it was originally about restoring and regenerating your own energies, self-esteem and intuitive connection. To help you feel more grounded and centred and find more meaning in your life.#

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