Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Is A Psychic?

Find more with these links Psychic Reading Psychic Readings Mediums Reading here In order to explain what a psychic is, it may help to first of all define the term psychic itself. If used as an adjective, the term relates to ESP (E(xtra) S(ensory) P(erception) - the ability to perceive things which cannot be perceived through the normal senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) and other forces of a so called paranormal nature. As a noun, it describes a person able to use ESP or other paranormal powers. Such a person is usually sensitive to the various energies permeating - and emanating from - an individual and has the ability to access valuable information from the physical, spiritual and emotional parts of this energy field (the aura, or auric field). He/ She will also use his/ her natural ability to interpret such things as facial impressions, body - language, sense of dress, tone of voice and so on. It should be mentioned here that unless he/ she is a medium (although all mediums are certainly psychics, not every psychic is necessarily a medium), they are not likely to communicate with spirits, their ability to sense things remains on a material level. In addition to their natural ability, many of them use one or more of a range of tools and methods, such as astrology, runes, tarot/ angel or animal cards or others. These tools are an invaluable help, not only in focusing a thought process, but also through the interpretation of the various meanings of the given symbols in relation to the situation and the individual or individuals involved. By combining these elements, the reader is then able to give advice or predict a possible future outcome by assessing the available information in conjunction with the natural course events tend to take. Some, on the other hand, are able to divine or sense things about an absent person by using a photograph or an article which belongs to the individual in question. This process is known as psychometry. Even police forces have been known to enlist their help (with great success) in order to find missing persons or solve crimes which may otherwise have remained unsolved. Other abilities include clairvoyance (seeing images), clairaudience (hearing sounds) and clairsentience (feeling a presence), as well as clairalience (sense of smell) and clairgustance (sense of taste), with the latter two being far less common than the first three. However, these abilities are usually only present in individuals known as mediums. They are used to contact the spirit world in order to connect the dead with living friends or relatives, or to help the deceased to pass into the next world peacefully. Whatever their gift or ability, whichever way they choose to use it, all genuine, experienced psychics will take great care to be sensitive when dealing with their often vulnerable clients and adhere to a code of conduct, which prevents them from scaring people by predicting terrible events, such as accidents or even the death of the individual him/ herself or a loved one. http://irishpsychics.blogspot.com/