Thursday, September 12, 2013

Being Married To a Psychic.....

I happen to be married to a Psychic Medium. That may sound scary to some, but it is in fact quite interesting and peaceful. As my wife says, "Showing someone that their loved ones are still very much alive and still very much interested and involved in the lives of those still on earth is the greatest thing I can give.

Helping people see that the soul lives on brings them a sense of peace that is unsurpassed, and that is the best reward I could have." It is true, it does give you a peace that is hard to explain. Now, being married to a psychic, I have somewhat of a unique perspective. I am a very scientific minded person. One of those who wants to be able to explain things scientifically. I read science magazines and enjoy quantum physics discussions. So by now you are probably wondering what my inside look has revealed.

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