Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Development of clairvoyant skills allows a person to see outside the three dimensional world

Clearly by recognizing and focusing on them, they will be able to seek to improve their clairvoyance capabilities. Those who have had proven clairvoyant capabilities, obtain visions of events of the past, present and even more particularly, the long term. Many people already know that clairvoyance can transcend duration and also space, consequently one can see things of the distant past, including past lives. One may also use clairvoyance capabilities to try remote viewing of persons, places and events which can be occurring distant and invisible locations.

Development of clairvoyant skills allows a person to see outside the three dimensional world and feel the realm of spirit. Some clairvoyants will see spirits of those that have passed away, as well as spirits of apparitions, angels and spirit guides. Some clairvoyants are capable of seeing with naked eyes auras and energy fields that surround all living beings including plants. There are thousands of techniques specially prescribed to build up one's clairvoyant skills.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Avoid "Absolutely" Free Psychic Offers or Promotions!

Avoid "Absolutely" Free Psychic Offers or Promotions: Why? They're rarely free...and they're NEVER good! (beware of the catch!) The simple truth is that some services will now do a several minute "loss leader", which means that they'll offer you the opportunity to speak to their clairvoyants at NO cost for up to 5 or 6 minutes, because they are CONVINCED you will be so impressed, that you'll stay on for full price later. While I used to be weary of these offers, there are some good networks doing this now...and while it's NOT my first choice, you can actually get a decent deal if you know where to call. (and talk fast..:-) But other readers will simply ROPE you in with the ad or offer, and then employ a bait and switch style technique to turn your free session into something MUCH more expensive....and these "psychics" are more like telephone car salesman than genuine intuitive's, clairvoyants or sensitive's at all.

If you really want to find a live clairvoyant for a phone reading you WON'T forget...

Just go with your gut, be smart, resourceful and follow the simple pointers above! Some of my favorite all time readings have been very low cost....VERY high quality, and these are some of the best relationships I still have to this very day. (both for their psychic abilities...and for the genuine friendships we've formed to boot!)

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