Friday, September 25, 2015

The Three Most Common Questions I Hear From Those Left Behind!

I know that's hard to hear because we want them back SO BADLY that it hurts, and you believe that you are really ready to see or hear from them. But I believe spirit tend to stay away to help with our grieving. It reinforces their absence to allow us to process that they're not going to be around any longer. That is why they often don't come through to mediums either with a message that they are still around - it will just mess with our heads.

Think about it, have you ever tried getting over an emotional break-up while having to see your ex-partner on a regular basis? In the early days it's so very hard, which is often why it's easier to turn to hating them than continuing to acknowledge your positive feelings for them

So maybe this will help instead. If they can't be around for you, maybe I can tell you what you really want to hear.

The three most common questions I hear from those left behind, about their loved ones in spirit are:

'Are they OK?', 'Do they know I loved/forgive them?' and 'Do they forgive me?'

I firmly believe, and have found through many years of spirit communication, that once someone has passed over they most certainly know how much you loved, and continue to love them.

My belief is that they become part of a large energy which I believe is unconditional love and they are no longer concerned with human emotions. They see the bigger picture. They see the interconnectedness of life and death, of everything. And they cannot help but continue to love you, to forgive you and most certainly they do not judge you.

I have to tell you that I have never known a spirit who has passed to hold on to the human conditions that we become used to. On passing they become so much more aware and enlightened, they let go of the emotional trappings that come with being human, and forgive and let go of so much that may have troubled them while they were alive.

Some other points that may help with the grieving process.

When your memories of your deceased loved one begin to fade, I really do not believe that they feel hurt by this. It is natural so that you can continue to live a life without them in their physical form. They know this, and they want you to carry on living your life to the full.

I also ABSOLUTELY 100% believe that they will be feeling loved and no hurt or pain or suffering at all.

I truly hope that this helps you in difficult times, or with dilemmas and grief that you might be facing

Helen Leathers is a lifelong intuitive, clairvoyant and medium, some would say psychic. Helen prefers the term 'a naturally modern mystic'. Helen teaches, inspires and encourages spiritual growth, personal and psychic development.

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I Want To Communicate With My Deceased Ones / Friend/Partner/Parent

If you've ever lost a loved one you know how painful it is to cope with their death, and your loss.

"I Want To Communicate With My Deceased Ones / Friend/Partner/Parent" is a common request for information on my website.

Firstly, if this is your query right now, I am very sorry for your loss and I feel and understand your pain. I'd like to try to explain why, in my experience, and from my spiritual point of view, your deceased loved ones may not be in contact for a while, and also to try to bring you some comfort.

I tend to find that deceased loved ones won't appear or communicate anytime soon after their passing.

Some say that it takes too much of their energy to come through, even to an experienced medium - I'm not sure that I hold with this as, on a rare occasion, I have sensed a very recently deceased spirit coming through to me within hours.

The difference here is that I could handle their presence emotionally. The people closest to them would not have been either, able to handle it emotionally or perhaps actually been capable of sensing their presence because of the turmoil they were in.

Some say they don't come through that quickly because they have 'business' or a 'life review' to go through first. This doesn't make that much sense to me but depends entirely on your own belief system. You may well have a different philosophy to me and be able to relate to this and can understand that they need some time on the other side first before re-visiting.

Personally I believe the reason that the spirits of recently deceased loved ones stay away, or at least aren't obvious in the early months of their passing is not about them. It's about us.

It's for us, for our own well-being and for our mental and emotional health.

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A Very Simple Grounding Exercise

A Very Simple Grounding Exercise

Stand with your feet hip width apart allowing you arms to hang loosely at your sides.
Slightly bend your knees and allow your weight to sink into your feet.
Gently rock back and forth on your feet a few times to find your balance.
Take all of your awareness to your feet and in particular to point at the base of the ball of your foot (about 1/3rd down your foot between the big and 2nd toe).
Imagine all of your weight sinking down to this point.
Visualise roots extending out from this point down deep into the ground.
Stand like this for a few moments, allowing your body to relax and breathe deeply
If after this you still feel a bit spacey other things that will help you to ground your energies are:

Stamp your feet, especially if you can do it barefoot and outside on actual earth.
Eat a small piece of chocolate, bread, cake or biscuits (remember how Harry Potter recovered from the Dementor attack? Chocolate is our friend!)
Hold a piece of one of the grounding crystals such as haematite, black obsidian, black tourmaline or jet.
Helen Leathers is a lifelong intuitive, clairvoyant and medium, some would say psychic. Helen prefers the term 'a naturally modern mystic'. Helen teaches, inspires and encourages spiritual growth, personal and psychic development.

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What Is Grounding?

After psychic protection, Energetic Grounding is probably the most important skill you can develop if you are interested in psychic or energetic work.

What Is Grounding?

Grounding your energies means to bring them back to a more physical, earthly vibration. This is an essential skill to learn for psychic development as you need to come back to physical reality after working at other levels.

It will also be of use if you ever feel a bit 'away with the fairies' and is a key skill in learning to control your abilities... and it will help to clear your head if you ever need it.

How Do We Do This Grounding Thing?

Visualisation is the main element that you will use. If you're not very good at seeing things in your own mind, don't worry, you'll get used to it. If you're really not very visual at the moment simply take the focus of your attention to the places or areas of your body mentioned, or feel a sensation in the area. It really is the intention that will make this work rather than anything else, so don't worry too much about getting it exactly right.

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I Truly Believe That Reiki Has Helped To Shape My Life

Three major things happened on that Reiki weekend. All very different, and all highly significant.

Firstly I met one of my spirit guides for the first time. I had such a clear image of him that I was shocked and in awe. It was so real! I had worked on my psychic and spiritual journey for some years already but never seen any spirit guide. Alongside this my meditations became highly visual, rather than imagining a guided visualisation as I had in the past, now my mind's eye was seeing all sorts.

Secondly, I discovered a place where I no longer worried. The meditations and Reiki treatments helped me to find a place where I really could zone out. I could be peaceful and feel at one with myself and the universe more than ever before.

And finally, I realised that I needed to be a teacher. I needed to pass on my love for this wonderful energy and show others how to connect with it.

I truly believe that learning Reiki has helped to shape my life.

Reiki Isn't A Cure-All, But It's The Best Place To Start... For Anything

Learning Reiki is the one thing that is perfect for anyone, no matter what your goal.

Want to feel more confident and empowered?
Want to get your head round your life path and get clear on where you're heading?
Want to feel more in control of your own health and well-being?
Want to feel more relaxed?
Want to connect with your intuition?
Want to develop your spiritual side?
Want to develop your psychic side?
Want to be an energy worker or healer?
Want to improve... well, just about any aspect of your life?
My biggest tip would be to Learn Reiki.

Learn Reiki for you. Not so that you can give healing, not so that you can teach others, not so that you can earn money, but for you.

Learn Reiki for your own personal development, for your own spiritual growth, for your own peace of mind and for your own inner confidence.

I don't believe Reiki was always about healing, although in my opinion it is an excellent healing energy system. I believe it was originally about restoring and regenerating your own energies, self-esteem and intuitive connection. To help you feel more grounded and centred and find more meaning in your life.#

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What Is Reiki Masters Training?

I remember the weekend that I completed my Reiki 1 course. It was nearly 20 years ago but I remember it very clearly.

I didn't have a clue about what Reiki was, or what would happen on the course. I had recently finished my Reflexology training and had read about Reiki in the course of my research, but only briefly. I got it in my head that it was the next thing I'd study - but I didn't know why. Then a friend told me that her friend had just done her Reiki Masters training, she was going to start running courses, and would I like to come along?

Well, you know when a certain subject keeps popping up, or drifting in to your life, and then suddenly an opportunity like that presents itself? Is it fate? Serendipity? Co-incidence?

My Reiki 1 Experience - In Brief

I was working in London anyway, so stayed for the weekend at a friend's flat where we also did the Reiki course.

It was like nothing I'd ever done before, but just like so much I'd already done. It felt quite natural, it was new, yet I recognised it. I couldn't explain it... I just had to accept that I was meant to be learning this now.

It is important to remember the start of my Reiki journey because when I teach I have such a wide range of people come along. They often know nothing of Reiki, don't know what to expect, and aren't even sure why they are there! (That was me on my Reiki 1 Course.)

Others have received Reiki treatments (it's far more widely known about now than it was then) and want to learn it for themselves, or have done a bit of research and have an idea of what it's all about.

But ALL of them go away from that course a changed person. As did I.

The meditations that we did were profound as well as deeply relaxing. The healing treatments were even more so.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Psychic Gift Fact Or Fiction?

Who else would love to be able to communicate with spirits and other side? Think you've got to be born with some sort of super duper psychic gift to be able to have extraordinary experiences with the wild, weird and wonderful world that awaits?

The truth is, one of the things that frustrates me more than anything is reading all of the new age nuttiness and spiritual silliness that surrounds the topic of spirit communication.

On one hand... you have psychic mediums who want to convince you that ONLY those born with very special gifts can communicate with spirit and that you need THEM to connect with your loved ones. (or have any sort of extraordinary spiritual experience at all)

On the other hand... and maybe more dangerous and frustrating, are the psychic development "teachers" who want you to believe that any odd or unexpected experience is really a sign from spirit, or evidence of something extraordinary.

For example, I read an article earlier today where the "teacher", who is signing up people for a psychic development course, told her readers that things like "not sleeping well" or having a fear of the dark or even hearing voices that you can't explain is a sign that you are a medium.

Guess what?

The truth is, these are signs you are a HUMAN being... with the same frailties, flaws and foibles as everyone else walking around the world around you. (and if you are hearing voices you can't explain, it could be a sign of something far more serious and something that any responsible advisor of ANY type would ask you to get checked out before moving on to the medium hypothesis)

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People Using Psychometry Often Work With The Police!

People using psychometry often work with the police departments in order to get inside criminals' minds or check the development of a murder when there isn't any other clue.

Normally, not everyone believes in these abilities. On the contrary, some think that this is not really an ability, just good senses or perceptions. Lots of people say they are psychic, but are unable to prove it. And we mustn't forget about the people who want to scam people and offer them arbitrary information.

Of course, we shouldn't consider that all those who say they have psychic abilities are lying. As it happens, most of them believe in their skills and offer anecdotal proof to support their abilities. This is the main reason why they still have success in tricking people who are gullible enough to believe in them!

Some cultures actually believe that these abilities are signs of witchcraft. This issue has also lead to lots of executions in the Middle Ages, and not only. Salem was one of the most affected places, and it still presents signs of the executions that happened during the Salem trials.

But there are also religions which consider these abilities normal. For instance, the gnostics believe that humans divide into 3 categories: pneumatics, hylics and psychics. The prophets from the Biblical times are also believed to have the power to make predictions or see angels. Some Christians part the visions given by God and those that come from demons. Witches worshiped demons, and most often, those who believed in the Wiccan faith were considered to be witches too. But this is not always the case, that's why a certain distinction must be made!

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Can Psychics See Things That Other People Can't?

A psychic is seen as a person capable of sensing certain things, which normal people cannot register with normal perception. This perception can, among others, be related to guessing certain things about people who are not in the same space with the help of an object that belongs to that person. This trick is called psychometry.

Psychics can also see things that other persons can't. Not to mention that a psychic can also be capable of precognition (predicting things that will happen in the future).

But not all psychics have the same power. For instance, a clairvoyant can offer his services as a medium and establish a connection between the living and the dead. These are the persons who are brought into people's attention in TV shows such as Ghost Whisperer or Medium.

People happen to mistake precognition with psychic abilities. For instance, the novel The Dead Zone written by Stephen King is a great example of psychic abilities. In this case, the main character suffers a brain injury and receives these powers.

People using psychometry often work with the police departments in order to get inside criminals' minds or check the development of a murder when there isn't any other clue.

Normally, not everyone believes in these abilities. On the contrary, some think that this is not really an ability, just good senses or perceptions. Lots of people say they are psychic, but are unable to prove it. And we mustn't forget about the people who want to scam people and offer them arbitrary information.

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Are There Honest Psychics Out There In The World Today?

There are millions of honest psychics out there in the world today. Most want to tell you the truth in what they see. Few are in it for the money. It takes a lot of energy to listen to a person's problems 24 hours daily. Psychics are known for their accuracy in love, money and career. You will find that a spiritual advisers understands love because they have had many clients over the years to read for. Psychic readings have been around for generations. Few people understand clairvoyance because it is a gift that someone is born with. Psychics often say that they need peace and quiet when doing a consultation for someone. Most say that they prefer working alone because of the intense spiritual energy that flows.

Most clients expect a clairvoyant to say something like, "Yes of course the guy loves you and will call you soon." However, most psychics don't want to lie to people about their future in love. The majority want to tell you what they see. Do not be surprised if a clairvoyant tells you that you are not going to have a relationship with the Romeo that is in your mind. People often get shocked, saddened and depressed by the reading that a spiritual adviser gave to them. It is often what they do not expect. Nobody wants to hear negative information.

The majority of men and women calling prophets today are searching for positive affirmations and information. Nobody wants to hear a "Negative Nancy". Don't be surprised if an advisers says that it can take you 5 years to find your next romance. Would you rather hear the truth or a lie? This is an important question to ask yourself before a consultation. Preparing for a psychic reading is a lot more than just chatting with a spiritual expert on the computer. In fact, a person should pray, meditate and be willing to accept whatever information they are given from the prophecy. Don't try to fight with the reader. Just say thank you for your time and write what they told you in a journal.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Live Phone Psychics Are Less Expensive To Access Than You THink!

People have always been fascinated by knowing their future. They feel more secure by knowing what next is going to happen; if there is a trouble that is foreseen they prepare themselves to face the challenge. On the other hand if there is a happy event foreseen they start celebrating it before it actually happens and look forward it to happen. Throughout the history of mankind, people have consulted experts who can help them predict their future. From religious figures to philosophers, all have made their predictions about what next is going to happen.

Man, being curious by nature has always consulted people in societies who can tell them about their future. Psychics are those people who by using special senses and spiritual knowledge can foresee people' future, as well as know their present and past life. There are many religious places where traditionally psychics have cured and guided people. However, modern modes of communication have totally changed this practice. Live phone psychics is one of the many modes of today's era through which psychics serve their clients. Sitting at home, millions of psychics can now be accessed live over phone. There are plenty of websites which provide access numbers of psychics who provide variety of services which include tarot reading, numerology, astrology, etc. these live phone psychics are less expensive to access and cost less both in terms of time and money compared to the traditional psychics.

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