Thursday, September 10, 2015

Can Psychics See Things That Other People Can't?

A psychic is seen as a person capable of sensing certain things, which normal people cannot register with normal perception. This perception can, among others, be related to guessing certain things about people who are not in the same space with the help of an object that belongs to that person. This trick is called psychometry.

Psychics can also see things that other persons can't. Not to mention that a psychic can also be capable of precognition (predicting things that will happen in the future).

But not all psychics have the same power. For instance, a clairvoyant can offer his services as a medium and establish a connection between the living and the dead. These are the persons who are brought into people's attention in TV shows such as Ghost Whisperer or Medium.

People happen to mistake precognition with psychic abilities. For instance, the novel The Dead Zone written by Stephen King is a great example of psychic abilities. In this case, the main character suffers a brain injury and receives these powers.

People using psychometry often work with the police departments in order to get inside criminals' minds or check the development of a murder when there isn't any other clue.

Normally, not everyone believes in these abilities. On the contrary, some think that this is not really an ability, just good senses or perceptions. Lots of people say they are psychic, but are unable to prove it. And we mustn't forget about the people who want to scam people and offer them arbitrary information.

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