Thursday, September 10, 2015

People Using Psychometry Often Work With The Police!

People using psychometry often work with the police departments in order to get inside criminals' minds or check the development of a murder when there isn't any other clue.

Normally, not everyone believes in these abilities. On the contrary, some think that this is not really an ability, just good senses or perceptions. Lots of people say they are psychic, but are unable to prove it. And we mustn't forget about the people who want to scam people and offer them arbitrary information.

Of course, we shouldn't consider that all those who say they have psychic abilities are lying. As it happens, most of them believe in their skills and offer anecdotal proof to support their abilities. This is the main reason why they still have success in tricking people who are gullible enough to believe in them!

Some cultures actually believe that these abilities are signs of witchcraft. This issue has also lead to lots of executions in the Middle Ages, and not only. Salem was one of the most affected places, and it still presents signs of the executions that happened during the Salem trials.

But there are also religions which consider these abilities normal. For instance, the gnostics believe that humans divide into 3 categories: pneumatics, hylics and psychics. The prophets from the Biblical times are also believed to have the power to make predictions or see angels. Some Christians part the visions given by God and those that come from demons. Witches worshiped demons, and most often, those who believed in the Wiccan faith were considered to be witches too. But this is not always the case, that's why a certain distinction must be made!

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