Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tips On How To Use A Ouija Board Safely!....

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Whenever I am asked, 'How do I do a Ouija board?', my default answer is DON'T!

A Ouija board is not a toy, or a particularly effective psychic development tool.

It can be a shortcut to spirit communication but you are unlikely to establish contact with your nearest and dearest. You are more likely to experience nothing at all, or to have a negative, probably quite unnerving experience. In worst case scenarios people come away from the board feeling terrified and vulnerable.

I know that despite my recommendation not to try the Ouija board, some people will go right ahead and do it anyway.

Ideally if you ARE going to give a Ouija board a go you should do so as part of an established and experienced psychic development group, or have a lot of experience in psychic development work. But the chances are, if you are that experienced, you won't be trying it out anyway.

Knowing that some people will have a go at the board with little or no experience at all, I would rather they had some information that will help to avoid a nasty experience. So if you insist on giving it a go, here are some simple steps to take to make sure you have as positive an experience as possible.


Use a bespoke or permanent Ouija board, make one yourself - see below
Turn off the lights - the darkness will increase your fear levels and may encourage someone to 'cheat' while they can't be seen as easily
Drink or use any drugs before during or directly after having a go with the Ouija board
Perform a Ouija board at a location known to be haunted (unless you are all very good mediums with excellent energetic and protection skills)

Use one large piece, or a number of smaller bits of paper with the letters written on, and burn them all afterwards
Put energetic or psychic protection measures in place before you start - if you don't know what that is, find out, it is essential!
Close and ground your energy once you have finished - a simple prayers of thanks to your spirit guides will help. Tea and toast or chocolate biscuits will also help to bring you back to reality.
Work with close friends that you know well and trust absolutely
Have a laugh - while you need to treat this type of exercise seriously, don't feel that you need to be too serious while doing it, laughter keeps the energy positive
Have one person who can make notes about what information is spelled out
Stop if you feel scared AT ALL or if you feel uncomfortable or jumpy
You may think this is going over the top, and you may find that you don't get a whole lot of information from your Ouija board when you employ these methods. This may be because you are filtering out the malevolent spirits - which is exactly what you need to do in order to have a positive experience.

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