Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Can You Make This Year Your Best Year Yet?

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You can make this year your best year yet, If you know what you are looking for. What would make it your best year yet?

A fresh start? Trying to better yourself? A way of feeling good about yourself - for a short while at least? Improving your life?

Some people say that new year resolutions just don't work and you should set goals throughout the year instead. I won't say not to set them because new year is a good time to focus on what you do and don't want in your life and how to bring about positive change. But I do think this can be done on any day of the year (and every day of the year) if you want to truly make changes in your life.

How do you improve your life? How do you know what changes to make? How do you become a better version of you?

There are three stages to go through...

1) identify what needs changing or improving, or be clear on the type of person you want to be

2) decide how this can be done or identify what the 'new you' would do if you were that type of person (these would be your goals and resolutions

3) take action - you cannot achieve anything without taking action.

What is quick and easy way to move through these stages?

Ask questions! Either ask them of yourself or sit with a friend and ask each other. In fact you should always ask questions about life, every day!

1) Who am I, Who would I like to be? Who is the real me? What do I want to be when i grow up? (regardless of your age definitely ask this one!) What makes me happy? What makes me unhappy? What one change could make the biggest difference in my life right now? What is a source of joy in my life? What is a source of pain in my life? What would I do if there were no obstacles to my achieving it?

2) What would I do, see, be or have if I achieved these things? What needs to change and how? Make a list of all the things that you could do or work towards.

Of all the things I want to do what one thing is most important or could make the biggest difference?

If you want to be more spiritual... what will you commit to doing towards that this year?

If you want to be more psychic... what activities are you going to undertake to achieve that this year?

If you want to be a nicer person... how are you going to go about that this year?

3) For each thing on your list ask yourself how you will get there. It is best to choose between one and three of your goals so you don't over-commit. Break them down into small actionable steps and then do something every day towards that goal.

And finally... To keep you motivated know WHO you want to be and then everyday remind yourself (use pictures if possible). Whenever you have a choice (whether to go to the gym or not, skip that class, not read that book etc.) ask yourself, would the new version of you do that?

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