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What to Make of Your Ouija Board Experiences!....

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When asked about doing a Ouija Board, my stock answer is always, 'Don't'.

A Ouija Board is not a psychic development tool. It allows you to access something that, without experience and understanding, it can be scary and potentially dangerous. It does not develop your psychic skills and will not turn you in to a psychic or medium.

A Ouija Board is possibly most dangerous for those who do have natural psychic talents that are undeveloped. I, and others I have spoken to who are experienced mediums, and psychotherapists, also believe them to be very dangerous for those who are taking medication for any form of depression or mental health condition, or non-prescription drugs. So I would say, just stay away from them.

Let me explain why I have made these statements.

Why Shouldn't I Do A Ouija Board?

Because of the nature of Ouija Boards, that is that they take very little skill and experience in mediumship to use them, they attract people who want to have a go for a laugh, sometimes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and often who are a bit (or a lot) scared of the possible outcome.

This means that they also attract (on the other side of the fence) playful, mischievous, often devious, occasionally even malevolent energies or spirits.

As experienced mediums won't allow these type of spirits near them when they work they kind of 'hang around' waiting for other people to start dabbling (and a ouija board is often the tool they use) and then make themselves known. It's a bit like pickpockets that hang around the streets and prey on vulnerable or less street-wise people.

Those trying the Ouija Board often do not know how to take precautions and guard against these low level entities, and because of this, when the spirits make themselves known, the individuals tend to get scared and the spirits can use this energy to manifest more activity. This means that more fear builds, and activity becomes increased - it's a vicious circle.

On top of this, our imaginations can run wild when we are fearful and we can convince ourselves of all sorts of strange and wonderful things, regardless of how rational we might normally be.

Why Is A Ouija Board Not A Psychic Development Tool?

A Ouija Board, in my opinion, acts more like a doorway. If you can open it with a security chain on and some heavies to protect you, it's fine. But if you don't realise that you could be opening the door to anything, and typically it won't be Great Aunt Maud, by playing with the board, you are simply throwing the door wide open and saying, 'come on in guys'!

When you use a board you lend your energy to the entities to help them make themselves known. That is all, nothing more, so you cannot use it to develop your skills. Once you have some experience and skills, and are able to control or negate your fear then, yes, it can become an advanced tool for some. But a Ouija Board is most certainly NOT for beginners, or even for non- believers looking to be convinced that there is something beyond this world.

Why Is A Ouija Board More Dangerous For Some?

Going back to the door analogy, it is often as though people who are on medication, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have an undeveloped psychic or mediumistic tendency leave the door to 'the other side' ajar, or at least unbolted. Once they start to dip their toes into something like the ouija board the door can be pushed open from the other side. These people tend to be less guarded, perhaps because they are less aware. Alternatively they may be more aware of there being something else on 'the other side' so it makes them more vulnerable or open to experiences of a paranormal nature.

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