Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How It Feels To Give a Psychic Medium Reading

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The feeling that comes by giving a psychic medium-ship reading is probably different for each person. For me, the satisfaction of being able to prove to a grieving relative, that life does, indeed, go on, gives a high all of its own. The feeling this gives one is an incredible feeling of peace and happiness.

The entire point of a client visiting for a psychic medium reading, is to allow me to connect to someone who has passed on to the next life. I do not advocate that one makes a habit of doing this but rather suggest that when they contact you accept it and know that they are now healthy, happy and getting on well on the next plane. These spirits also have things to do and once they have passed on their messages, one should allow them to decide when they want to contact you again.

You are here to learn your life’s lessons and should get on and do that rather than rely on spirits continual help. As a psychic medium I have several times had to say to people, do not return for another reading until what has been passed on to you has all unfolded. This may sound strange to those that are not in this position but there are people who can not seem to live their lives without continual reference to the spirit world. This is not healthy nor is it wise. People should not become reliant on psychics to tell them how to live life. This is the disturbing part of being a psychic medium as far as I am concerned. I tend to discourage people from returning too soon. When you are doing a medium ship reading for someone spirit connects you to their loved ones and they speak directly to you with facts about their lives that your sitter can verify in their minds thus making it obvious that their loved one is speaking to them from the other side.

There is no hesitation about this. They will give you a name or a circumstance that you and you alone can identify with. Once they have done this they will then go on to pass on any message that they want to convey. This can be from the most prosaic to something as profound as telling you where to find their will. Sometimes they merely want to assure their loved one that they are safe and happy where they now are. At others they wish to pass on their regrets for things they did in life and ask for forgiveness.

Whatever you are looking for in a psychic medium reading remember you will get what spirit wants you to have. Do no go with a fixed idea in your mind or you could well be disappointed. Spirit passes on the messages that spirit feels you need at that particular time in life.

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