Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Are Runes Used In A Psychic Reading

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The use of runes by psychics has been around for many centuries. They are actually an ancient form of writing which was used by many of the Nordic countries before the Roman alphabet that we know today. It is thought that the runes were brought to Britain around the fifth century.

When you look at rune history you find that the word rune is interpreted as a secret or whisper. There are a variety of myths and stories around the runes.

The myths and stories include how the runes were supposed to have become magical. I use a set of runes I have made myself from gemstones. The fact of the matter, for me at any rate, is that these are merely a focusing tool. Psychic abilities usually kick in. The only time I will pull them out is when I am not really in the space to read and have readings I need to do usually in a chat room. This brings my focus back into a spiritual connection. Usually the runes will direct my attention to the area to which my psychic abilities needs to address. The runes themselves are extremely interesting. As I was making my own, I learned a great deal about them, just by painting the rune on the stone. I think that, making your own runes, you actually imbue some of your own psychic spirit into the rune. It truly is a labor of love to make your own tools. These signs which are painted on stones, wood or any other medium were both these ancient peoples alphabet as well as their divining tool.  At one stage in history people were persecuted for using runes and even burned at the stake.

The current type of rune that is commonly in use is actually called the FuThark. There are 24 runes which are organized in three families. Each of the families is headed by their Norse God. These gods are Freya & Frey, Heindall and Tyr. The meanings of the runes are open to psychic interpretation and this is something each has to learn for themselves. When you are using the runes according to tradition you should cast them on a white cloth. Once the cloth is laid make sure of which direction you are facing. It should be in the direction of the sun. Now cast the stones towards the sun directly from the box or from the pouch you are keeping them in. Some will be face up, others won’t. The runes that have their symbols facing upwards are the ones which you will read for the querant. Read them from the left to the right. The ones on the left are read first. Read exactly as they show. They need to be read either in reverse or upright according to how they land. Only at this stage will your psychic ability kick in.

This is an interesting tool to use and you should take the time to make your own if you intend to do so. Any psychic will enjoy the way they bring your intuition to the fore.

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