Monday, January 10, 2011

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There have been a lot of gifts that our ancestors from the old age have gift given. These skills and practices, learnt by the ancestors through a life time of experience and passed upon to the next generation have greatly helped the newer generations into progressing more quickly and making their lives easier than what their ancestors lived.

One of such ancient skills that have been passed upon to the newer human generations is the skill of psychic reading. Then again, some people believe that psychic readers are more of gifted people than skilled people. They have been gifted by nature with the ability to foretell future. In earlier ages, a psychic was known as clairvoyants or prophets. These people were more the master of all trades than the jack of all trades or the master of one. Mostly, a prophet could cure people through his medicinal formulas. He could even tell and help a person possessed by supernatural forces. And obviously, an important part of their trades was the foretelling ability. People used to come to them and ask them what the future holds for them. Why would a person be so keen about knowing his future?

The first answer to this before any other is curiosity. A lot of people even today visit the psychic readers because they are curious to find out what the future holds for them. The other reason is trouble. If a person is facing trouble now, he wants to go visit a psychic to know if the trouble is still there in his future. This a person would do out of stress and frustration. The final element of this behavior of a person is uncertainty about the future. A person keeps trying and trying, working round the clock to create a brighter future for him and his family. But even after putting so much effort, probability still remains of an uncertain future. All these three people would visit a psychic for different reason but would get the same answer. Prediction of their future!

Scientifically speaking, a psychic reader predicts or perceives the future through an extra sense that he or she has been blessed by. Scientific research has named this phenomenon, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) in which the processes inside the brain of a psychic are said to be different from those of the normal people.

Now if there stands the question that, universities and other institutes actually have training programs for psychics so where does the element of giftedness come in. True, various institutes do offer training for psychics, but it is more like a polishing training than a creating training. A psychic cannot be created. The extra sense that is the benchmark of a psychic cannot be artificially installed into ones brain. A person who is not gifted with such abilities can yes learn through various books and practice, but he or she would always lack that certainty that a psychic, born with the gift of foretelling will have.

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