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What to Make of Your Ouija Board Experiences!....

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When asked about doing a Ouija Board, my stock answer is always, 'Don't'.

A Ouija Board is not a psychic development tool. It allows you to access something that, without experience and understanding, it can be scary and potentially dangerous. It does not develop your psychic skills and will not turn you in to a psychic or medium.

A Ouija Board is possibly most dangerous for those who do have natural psychic talents that are undeveloped. I, and others I have spoken to who are experienced mediums, and psychotherapists, also believe them to be very dangerous for those who are taking medication for any form of depression or mental health condition, or non-prescription drugs. So I would say, just stay away from them.

Let me explain why I have made these statements.

Why Shouldn't I Do A Ouija Board?

Because of the nature of Ouija Boards, that is that they take very little skill and experience in mediumship to use them, they attract people who want to have a go for a laugh, sometimes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and often who are a bit (or a lot) scared of the possible outcome.

This means that they also attract (on the other side of the fence) playful, mischievous, often devious, occasionally even malevolent energies or spirits.

As experienced mediums won't allow these type of spirits near them when they work they kind of 'hang around' waiting for other people to start dabbling (and a ouija board is often the tool they use) and then make themselves known. It's a bit like pickpockets that hang around the streets and prey on vulnerable or less street-wise people.

Those trying the Ouija Board often do not know how to take precautions and guard against these low level entities, and because of this, when the spirits make themselves known, the individuals tend to get scared and the spirits can use this energy to manifest more activity. This means that more fear builds, and activity becomes increased - it's a vicious circle.

On top of this, our imaginations can run wild when we are fearful and we can convince ourselves of all sorts of strange and wonderful things, regardless of how rational we might normally be.

Why Is A Ouija Board Not A Psychic Development Tool?

A Ouija Board, in my opinion, acts more like a doorway. If you can open it with a security chain on and some heavies to protect you, it's fine. But if you don't realise that you could be opening the door to anything, and typically it won't be Great Aunt Maud, by playing with the board, you are simply throwing the door wide open and saying, 'come on in guys'!

When you use a board you lend your energy to the entities to help them make themselves known. That is all, nothing more, so you cannot use it to develop your skills. Once you have some experience and skills, and are able to control or negate your fear then, yes, it can become an advanced tool for some. But a Ouija Board is most certainly NOT for beginners, or even for non- believers looking to be convinced that there is something beyond this world.

Why Is A Ouija Board More Dangerous For Some?

Going back to the door analogy, it is often as though people who are on medication, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have an undeveloped psychic or mediumistic tendency leave the door to 'the other side' ajar, or at least unbolted. Once they start to dip their toes into something like the ouija board the door can be pushed open from the other side. These people tend to be less guarded, perhaps because they are less aware. Alternatively they may be more aware of there being something else on 'the other side' so it makes them more vulnerable or open to experiences of a paranormal nature.

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Tips On How To Use A Ouija Board Safely!....

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Whenever I am asked, 'How do I do a Ouija board?', my default answer is DON'T!

A Ouija board is not a toy, or a particularly effective psychic development tool.

It can be a shortcut to spirit communication but you are unlikely to establish contact with your nearest and dearest. You are more likely to experience nothing at all, or to have a negative, probably quite unnerving experience. In worst case scenarios people come away from the board feeling terrified and vulnerable.

I know that despite my recommendation not to try the Ouija board, some people will go right ahead and do it anyway.

Ideally if you ARE going to give a Ouija board a go you should do so as part of an established and experienced psychic development group, or have a lot of experience in psychic development work. But the chances are, if you are that experienced, you won't be trying it out anyway.

Knowing that some people will have a go at the board with little or no experience at all, I would rather they had some information that will help to avoid a nasty experience. So if you insist on giving it a go, here are some simple steps to take to make sure you have as positive an experience as possible.


Use a bespoke or permanent Ouija board, make one yourself - see below
Turn off the lights - the darkness will increase your fear levels and may encourage someone to 'cheat' while they can't be seen as easily
Drink or use any drugs before during or directly after having a go with the Ouija board
Perform a Ouija board at a location known to be haunted (unless you are all very good mediums with excellent energetic and protection skills)

Use one large piece, or a number of smaller bits of paper with the letters written on, and burn them all afterwards
Put energetic or psychic protection measures in place before you start - if you don't know what that is, find out, it is essential!
Close and ground your energy once you have finished - a simple prayers of thanks to your spirit guides will help. Tea and toast or chocolate biscuits will also help to bring you back to reality.
Work with close friends that you know well and trust absolutely
Have a laugh - while you need to treat this type of exercise seriously, don't feel that you need to be too serious while doing it, laughter keeps the energy positive
Have one person who can make notes about what information is spelled out
Stop if you feel scared AT ALL or if you feel uncomfortable or jumpy
You may think this is going over the top, and you may find that you don't get a whole lot of information from your Ouija board when you employ these methods. This may be because you are filtering out the malevolent spirits - which is exactly what you need to do in order to have a positive experience.

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How To Appreciate Nature And Your Natural Surroundings!....

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Ways you can become more open-hearted and expand your awareness of life and of others.

Tune In To The Energy Of Rose Quartz; This is a great crystal for opening the heart chakra and promoting unconditional love and understanding. Try wearing it as a pendant, carrying a tumblestone or meditating with it. When meditating with this crystal, try asking mentally what it has to teach you, tune in to its energies and allow your awareness to open to them.

Appreciate Nature And Your Natural Surroundings; Green and pink are both colours associated with the heart chakra so by getting out and connecting with the green in nature you help to bring balance and harmony to your heart. By appreciating the wonderful power of the natural world your loving heart energy will expand - you are probably familiar with the phrase, 'my heart goes out to them', this can be because you have compassion for someone's situation but also because you have true appreciation for them. You can do this for the natural world too when you acknowledge its amazing power and potential. Go somewhere that you really love to be, and love being there - let your heart go out to the natural world surrounding you.

Be Kind To Yourself; Sometimes the hardest person to show compassion and love to is yourself so give yourself a break - metaphorically and literally! Stop beating yourself up and start looking at the positive things that you do, are and have. Also give yourself a break, run a bubble bath and take a good book and a glass of wine into the bathroom for a luxurious soak, or organise a treat for yourself, it doesn't have to be expensive, just something that you wouldn't normally do that is a break from the normal regime.

Visualise It; Try this simple visualisation to help open and expand your heart energy. Find somewhere that you can sit comfortably without interruptions for a few minutes.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few breaths.
Take your awareness to your heart area - in chakra terms this is in the centre of the chest area.
Visualise a pink glow, light, or mist sitting at your heart. Inhale slowly and deeply and as you exhale imagine that this pink area expands, as though you are blowing it up like a balloon. Keep doing this until you can imagine yourself being surrounded and enveloped in this pretty loving energy, as though you are sitting in the middle of a pink cloud.
Now take 5 or 10 minutes - or longer if you need to - to visualise this pink mist or light getting larger and more powerful and expanding out in front of you from the heart and then for as far as you can see, being sent out from you into the world. You are still surrounded, there is no limit to the amount of heart energy that you can conjure.
When you feel ready imagine that the pink energy diminishes at the point that it leaves you to go out to the world. You are still surrounded by wonderful loving energy and the channel that you sent out is severed and set free to go on its way in the world.
Do this as often as you would like - perhaps daily for a while - to really appreciate the feeling and get used to opening your heart. See if it helps with the other suggestions I have made and monitor the differences that you feel and experience when interacting with other people.
A Couple Of Other Ideas...

Count your blessings
Make eye contact with people you meet or pass in the street.
Say 'thank you' to people
And finally... Smile at people and say hello, good morning or similar - This may seem strange to do at first but you might just make a massive difference to someone's day and you never know what the knock on effects of that could be. Think about the lives that could be affected by each person passing just a simple smile to another because you did it first. That should help to expand your awareness.

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What does it actually mean to have an open heart. Well, have you ever met anyone who is happy and carefree yet caring, genuine, interested in you and what you have to say, listens without judgement, accepts you for who you are and is a warm, kind person to be around? That is an open-hearted person. The chances are they also have compassion, empathy and a gentle nature.

These type of people are much more likely to be able to see multiple sides of an argument, and be able to give you an interesting perspective on it. They will not easily buckle under life's pressures as they seem to have a more philosophical approach to life. They tend to have an expanded awareness of life. Would you like to be more like that?

 Ways you can become more open-hearted and expand your awareness of life and of others.

Practice Listening To Others; Really listening, not just waiting to jump in with your experiences or thoughts. Take your awareness to their words, not your thoughts. Take in what they are saying and look to ask a question about it. Or, if you can't think of a particular question, because perhaps you don't really know enough about the subject you could use phrases like: "That's not a subject I'm really familiar with, tell me more / How did you come to be interested in that? / How long have you been interested in that? / What's the most interesting thing you've learnt about it recently? The more you practice actively listening, the better you will be at it.

Tune In To The Energy Of Rose Quartz; This is a great crystal for opening the heart chakra and promoting unconditional love and understanding. Try wearing it as a pendant, carrying a tumblestone or meditating with it. When meditating with this crystal, try asking mentally what it has to teach you, tune in to its energies and allow your awareness to open to them.

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5 Ways To Open Your Mind & Expand Your Awareness!.....

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5 Ways To Open Your Mind & Expand Your Awareness

Meditate just for 15 minutes and see how it makes you feel. Regular meditation not only helps you to deal with the things in life that niggle at you, but it can also help you to have a more spiritual or philosophical understanding of your place in the world and your connections with others. Regular practice is best and has many other benefits too, but if you've never really tried it before, or think you can't meditate just give it a go.

Read up on a subject that you have never really studied before. Learning new things really gets the brain going, and helps you to see how things are connected within the universe. It can also give you a thirst for more knowledge. Example subjects are: quantum theory, the history of the monarchy, how a car engine works, the planets or nutrition.

Connect With Nature. Borrow or buy a book on trees, bugs or something from the natural world and venture out to identify some of the plants, trees and animal life in your local area. Go with friends or family and enjoy and appreciate your natural surroundings.

Have A Good Chat With Friends. Not just a gossip, a good proper chat about life. Meet up, (maybe even get round a campfire so you can see the skies too) and discuss life, its meaning, spirituality, and philosophy. Be aware that everyone will have a different opinion, and agree to disagree where necessary. No-one is right or wrong, this exercise is about analysing, deciphering, formulating and articulating your thoughts, and the goal is to encourage an open mind not to judge or diminish others' beliefs.

Make A List Of Things You Have Always Wanted To Do. Write a list of places you would like to visit, things you would like to see, be, do and have in an ideal world. Imagine you had won the lottery and neither money nor time was an object. Allow your imagination to go wild.
These ideas are just a start. If you really want to develop an open and expanding mind and to increase your awareness you need to keep learning, pursue personal development, challenge your thinking and your philosophies, learn, discuss, and debate. And you need to learn to accept that others have opinions too, and that whilst you may not agree with them, you may learn something from them.

Listen, enquire and assimilate new thoughts and ideas, and enjoy it.

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Expanding Your Awareness May Mean Different Things To Different People!....

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"When you expand your awareness, seemingly random events will be seen to fit into a larger purpose." - Deepak Chopra

I believe that the key to a more understanding and spiritual approach to life (and all it throws at you) is to expand your awareness.

What does this mean? Expanding your awareness may mean different things to different people, and nothing to some.

I would describe it as taking your consciousness beyond just you, and the things that directly impact upon you. It's about becoming less insular, about really understanding and connecting with the world beyond your own. You don't need to take responsibility for the world, you just need to be aware of it's existence, comprehending the connections between us all, the cause and effect of all actions and reactions.

Most people go about their daily lives and feel they are pushed from one situation to the next, things happen to them and they have no control. When even the slightest thing occurs that isn't part of their usual run-of-the-mill 'normality' it has a huge impact on them.

However, expand your awareness and you realise that there is so much more to life, the universe and everything. You feel more in the flow of life, more in control, aware that you have choices and that those choices have results. You realise that many occurrences that appear negative at the time turn out to be a positive experience after all. You feel less affected by what goes on in everyday life and dare I say, happier?

So, how do you expand your awareness?

I think there are two elements that need to be addressed.

Open Your Mind - Actively seek knowledge and wisdom

Open Your Heart - Make a point to love and empathise with others

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Can You Make This Year Your Best Year Yet?

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You can make this year your best year yet, If you know what you are looking for. What would make it your best year yet?

A fresh start? Trying to better yourself? A way of feeling good about yourself - for a short while at least? Improving your life?

Some people say that new year resolutions just don't work and you should set goals throughout the year instead. I won't say not to set them because new year is a good time to focus on what you do and don't want in your life and how to bring about positive change. But I do think this can be done on any day of the year (and every day of the year) if you want to truly make changes in your life.

How do you improve your life? How do you know what changes to make? How do you become a better version of you?

There are three stages to go through...

1) identify what needs changing or improving, or be clear on the type of person you want to be

2) decide how this can be done or identify what the 'new you' would do if you were that type of person (these would be your goals and resolutions

3) take action - you cannot achieve anything without taking action.

What is quick and easy way to move through these stages?

Ask questions! Either ask them of yourself or sit with a friend and ask each other. In fact you should always ask questions about life, every day!

1) Who am I, Who would I like to be? Who is the real me? What do I want to be when i grow up? (regardless of your age definitely ask this one!) What makes me happy? What makes me unhappy? What one change could make the biggest difference in my life right now? What is a source of joy in my life? What is a source of pain in my life? What would I do if there were no obstacles to my achieving it?

2) What would I do, see, be or have if I achieved these things? What needs to change and how? Make a list of all the things that you could do or work towards.

Of all the things I want to do what one thing is most important or could make the biggest difference?

If you want to be more spiritual... what will you commit to doing towards that this year?

If you want to be more psychic... what activities are you going to undertake to achieve that this year?

If you want to be a nicer person... how are you going to go about that this year?

3) For each thing on your list ask yourself how you will get there. It is best to choose between one and three of your goals so you don't over-commit. Break them down into small actionable steps and then do something every day towards that goal.

And finally... To keep you motivated know WHO you want to be and then everyday remind yourself (use pictures if possible). Whenever you have a choice (whether to go to the gym or not, skip that class, not read that book etc.) ask yourself, would the new version of you do that?

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